Thom Yorke

I See You - A Zine By Crack Magazine curated by Thom Yorke


Crack Magazine and Thom Yorke have collaborated on a one off, limited-edition zine, titled I See You. The zine comprises interviews with eight artists, activists and musicians chosen by Yorke, who answer questions set by him. The zine is prefaced by Thom answering the questions himself. Those featured in the zine are: pioneering electronic music composer Laurie Spiegel, writer and environmentalist George Monbiot, Edinburgh-based poet Harry Josephine Giles, New York contemporary artist Amy Cutler, fashion designer and founder of Undercover, Jun Takahashi, director and screenwriter Luca Guadagnino, experimental musician Kali Malone and Brooklyn-based visual artist Christian Holstad. Thom Yorke has decided to donate any profits from the zine to Greenpeace; by purchasing the zine a donation will be made to the organisation.