Friendly Fires

Friendly Fires 15th Anniversary


‘Friendly Fires’ was the debut album from the St Albans-three piece, Ed McFarlane, Edd Gibson and Jack Savidge. Featuring hit singles ‘Jump In the Pool’ and ‘Paris’, it was an era-defining record. It launched the band to huge critical and commercial success, nominated for The Mercury Prize and a Brit Award. The LP is now reissued for its 15th Anniversary on silver vinyl.


  • 1. Jump In The Pool
  • 2. In The Hospital
  • 3. Paris
  • 4. White Diamonds
  • 5. Strobe
  • 6. On Board
  • 7. Lovesick
  • 8. Skeleton Boy
  • 9. Photobooth
  • 10. Ex Lover