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2013 Rewind - Kveikur

As pointed out by the band in this wonderful recap, 2012-13 was the "busiest period of Sigur Rós’s life.” Two years of touring the world resulted in 141 shows including their biggest ever at Madison Square Gardens, Budokan and Wembley Arena. They lost a member, becoming a trio, and released one of their finest albums, Kveikur. Within the first few seconds of first single Brennestienn, it was clear that this was a reinvigorated band, the song is a monster - darker, heavier, leaner and more direct. The video by Andew Huang conjured apocalyptic visions of a fantastical scorched world.

Sigur Rós were everywhere in 2013 - they pulverised a few US talk shows, released their first lyric video for Isjaki, they DJed at Boiler Room in Berlin, got remixed by Cyril Hahn, played a session in a cave under Paris and another at London’s Maida Vale Studios. To celebrate the release of Kveikur they streamed a live 360 interactive show, they streamed live from the iTunes Festival in London, and even soundtracked and appeared in an episode of The Simpsons. Next year they’ll appear on Game Of Thrones because that’s just the kind of thing Sigur Rós do.

Throughout all this, they continued to engage directly with their fans - the album stream for Kveikur was instantly populated by fans thoughts and visual impressions of the album as they heard it for the first time, and the band went on to release an award-winning evolving music video for Stormur made by their fans on Instagram. In 2013, Sigur Rós continued to be one of the world’s most idiosyncratic and undefinable bands- grand, intimate and impossible to second guess.

“We wanted to do something completely different to what we've done before.” Georg Holm





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