No Mountains In Manhattan


Wiki's debut solo album is a love letter to New York and features beats and rhymes from Ghostface Killah, Kaytranada, Lakutis, Your Old Droog and many others.


  • 1. Islander (produced by Alex Epton)
  • 2. Mayor (produced by Tony Seltzer)
  • 3. Pretty Bull (produced by Tony Seltzer)
  • 4. Made For This ft. Ghostface Killah (produced by Tony Seltzer and Adrian Lau)
  • 5. Chinatown Swing (produced by Sporting Life)
  • 6. Litt 15 ft. Your Old Droog (produced by DJ Earl Teklife)
  • 7. Face It (produced by Alex Epton and Sly C)
  • 8. Stick Ball (produced by NOLIFE)
  • 9. Elaine (produced by Wiki)
  • 10. Pandora's Box ft. Evy Jane (produced by Dadras and Sporting Life)
  • 11. Wiki New Written (produced by randomblackdude)
  • 12. Jalo (produced by Black Mack)
  • 13. Nutcrackers ft. Lakutis (produced by Wiki, Alon Sicherman and Alex Epton)
  • 14. Baby Girl (produced by Kaytranada)
  • 15. NMIM ft. ACAB, Slicky Boy (produced by Tony Seltzer)
  • 16. Leppy Coqui