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CACHED is a new feature where we delve into the XL archive. Inspired by news today of a White Stripes 7” selling for $12,700, here (for the vinyl nerds) is the story of XLT181, possibly the rarest record in our catalogue. 

Matt Thornhill, Director of A&R: "XLT181 is an extremely rare clear vinyl 10" that's been the subject of much speculation amongst White Stripes vinyl collectors.

"When putting together the vinyl release of There's No Home For You Here, the B-side was initially intended to be a version of Ball & Biscuit, recorded as part of a live session at Electric Ladyland Studios. At 9 minutes long, Ball & Biscuit was too long for a 7", so a 10" was considered.

"Test pressings were hastily ordered, but the pressing plant only had clear vinyl on press. Time didn't allow for the presses to be switched back to black vinyl, so a batch of test pressings were manufactured on clear vinyl.

"By the time the test pressings arrived, it was decided that in fact a medley of I Fought Piranhas / Let's Build A Home (Live At Electric Lady Studios) should be the B-side, meaning that the release would fit onto a 7" single after all. As a result there are likely to be under 10 copies of XLT181 in existence worldwide. Here is Richard's copy."

XLT181 1

XLT181 2

And here is the original CD master.

XLT181 Master